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Updated: Mar 3, 2020



Living with his Grandparents until the age eleven, Damon claims he had a pretty cushy childhood.

Damon's father unable to be a quintessential part of his life due to gang affiliation, so Damon went to go live with his Mother. “She wasn’t absent” he states, continuing to say that, due to the circumstances:

“She just didn’t have the confidence to have any authority over me”

Without any rules or curfew, Damon found himself into loads of trouble that included getting kicked out of four separate high schools. Trouble seemed to distant itself after Damon settled down with his first serious girlfriend. She was a polar opposite, coming from completely different circumstances, but "She was creative, and she killed that shit.” After introducing him to photography, Damon started playing with some of her cameras.

“Before I met her I would have probably thought photography was, I don’t know, nerdy or something”

Then, his Grandmother bought him his first camera. Damon started capturing the culture of his surroundings from gang members to the homies skating. He never thought photography would lead to anything until he started taking senior photos for classmates in his graduating class.

“I would try to find people with an interesting look”.

Damon then decided to go to film school which gave him the opportunity to live in different parts of Southern California. He finally settled in Los Angeles, where he continues to shoot, develop and scan his own prints today. As for his future;

“I'm not interested in doing anything fun right now, I just want to work. Life will change but as for now, I’m about my bag. I’m never going to have to worry about paying rent”
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